A2A, 38 mile finish line; 2011

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Getting cast for customs

A year ago, I didn't even know that there were inline skating events. Today, I got my feet cast for a pair of custom inline racing skates. Can't wait to see what is going on a year from now!

So if any of you guys are unfamiliar with this process (as I was a few short months ago) then this blog should be interesting to you! I had my feet cast by Debbie Rice, a certified Bont representative (and bad ass derby girl!) Lucky for me, she was in in town heading up a Bont booth for the WFTDA derby championships. We drove about an hour north to meet up with her and she was kind enough to take time out of her schedule to play with my gnarly feet.

Me excited!

Debbie getting everything set up.

Metal strips taped to my ankles where the scissors cut the cast off, plastic bags on my feet to protect them from the plaster.

The actual casting material is rolled up like a sock. Debbie unrolled it, soaked it in some water, then put it on my foot; shaping and molding it securely around every little curve, bump and angle of the foot. 

 Positioning my feet; I am trying very hard to remember to keep them straight, keep my toes from bunching up, keep my ankles straight, do not pronate, not bend my needs inward; and so on... and so forth.... (I sincerely hope I got that right!!!!!)

 I had to stand in this position for several minutes while the plaster hardened.

A cut is made along the front of the boot when the cast is dry, and removed from the foot.

The completed casts. These will be shipped to Bont where they will be filled with plaster, and them my new skates will be built around the molds!

My right toes felt a tad bunched; so I requested 3mm be added to the length. My ankles are also kind of scrawny in comparison to the width of my feet, so I requested extra padding in the cuff; and the cushy padding in the actual boot. I have some pretty bad bunions so I'm glad I decided to go ahead and get custom rather than deal with trying to work with a stock boot. My hope is that they will be fairly skate ready right out of the box with a minimal break in time. I should have them by my birthday. How appropriate!! 

I am going with the 2012 Bont Z, I was so on the fence about which skate to go with until I saw a photo of that skate; and it was love at first sight. I went with boots only for now to save from this being such a big purchase all at once. (The 3PF frames are about 350 bucks - give or take: wheels run about 12 bucks a piece.) I should have all components well before spring and should be race ready by my first race - which will more than likely be Apostle Islands in June!!!

Now to get through the winter.... 

Monday, November 7, 2011

The Limbo of the Off Season

Somehow within the past month, my skate season ended. After Athens to Atlanta, I was planning on participating in the Houston marathon but just could not financially make it happen. So without something to train for I suddenly felt myself going adrift. Toss in an abrupt end to the summer and I am completely lost. I'm still skating, but the trails are getting cluttered and the wind has that icy bite to it now; not to mention the sun setting so early. Summer slipped away without even saying goodbye and I have to admit - that hurt my feelings a little. I thought she and I were total BFFs...

I have pretty much taken about a month off from exercising, skating a couple of times after A2A but suspending weight training all together. I'm planning on getting back on track with all of that this week. (I do a hybrid mix of P90X weight workouts with the skating and other cardio. I don't like the cardio workouts that are a part of the program.) I feel that sloth-like urge to carb up and rev down; gain weight and hybernate. I seriously must fight this... I can't afford to jeopardize all of my 2011 progress. So - weight training it is, along with some running and skating when the weather permits. I just need to make sure I don't overthink it. I can sabotage a workout faster than ANYTHING just by thinking about it... "Ugh, first I have to walk over to the weight room, change my clothes, do my workout; then change AGAIN - walk back over to the office, I feel tired now..." The motto needs to be Don't Think Just Do. Keep it simple. Look at the clock, grab my stuff; and move...

I have to admit though, I am sincerely stoked for my 2012 skate season. I FINALLY decided on which skates I'm getting (the custom 2012 Bont Z 3pt 3PF w/ 100 mm mint high rollers!) I'm getting cast next Saturday and I cannot wait!

it is a thing of beauty in my mind, I cannot wait to get these on my feet! I know I will have a period of adjustment (no cuff, tighter fit; completely different feel) but I'm ready for it. I welcome the challenge and the change. I have some new, bigger skating goals for 2012, so I kind of need the gear!! I have already registered for NSIM in wave B. I also plan on skating Napa Valley and Apostle for sure; with a couple of 'possibles' on the list as well (Texas Road Rash, Chicagoland, NYC 100k, Athens to Atlanta again.) I just need to plan accordlingly to make sure I set aside the $$$ necessary to make my 2012 dreams come true!!

All I want to do is skate. I wish I could quit my job and skate every day. I wish I could skate every event in the country. I wish I could share my passion for skating with everyone - and I wish more people would try it out and see if they like it. I cannot imagine my life without this form of movement.

So that is where I am now; on the cusp of winter and still trying to change gears...